April 2019 Usage Stats


Hey everyone! The April 2019 usage stats report for cdnjs is now available :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Key Highlights

  • cdnjs served over 160 billion requests in April 2019.
  • During the month we used over 2.6 petabytes of bandwidth to serve these requests.
  • That is over 89 terabytes of data and 5 billion requests each day.

You can view the full report on our new GitHub repository at https://github.com/cdnjs/cf-stats/blob/master/2019/cdnjs_April_2019.md :tada:

Previous Months

This month I decided to move all our previous usage reports (February & March) to GitHub in this single repository instead of on my personal account as Gists. You can view all our reports from the past and going forward in this repository: https://github.com/cdnjs/cf-stats