Cloudflare CDN Slowing down Page Speed, how can I fix this?

After reviewing the speed of my site, Google Speed Insights is telling me that a third party code “Cloudflare CDN” is drastically slowing my page speed loading. I wanted to ask if anyone familiar with how to fix that or defer it or something… I am not an experienced developer…

I’m assuming I need to defer the Javascript somehow but I’m not familiar as to how to do that. Thank you for the help community!

If you just want to defer the script tag loading, you can simply add defer as an attribute to the script tag. This will force the browser to parse the page before loading that script, however the page won’t be fully loaded until that script has loaded.

Alternatively, you can use the async attribute on the script tag, which will tell the browser to load that script whenever it can, but not to block the page load for it.