Contributor badge

I was wondering how the Contributor badges are awarded to a user.
Because I have my Github account connected to my discource account here, and @MattIPv4 knows for sure that I contributed to cdnjs but I still haven’t received this badge.

Are only some cdnjs repo’s valid?

Not a big issue but I was wondering why I didn’t receive it :sweat_smile:

The plugin settings are set to scan cdnjs/cdnjs and cdnjs/new-website for merged PRs.

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I have at least 2 PRs in both of those repos so it seems that it isn’t working :wink:

Hm, indeed.

@sam if you’re still lurking, any ideas? Is this a case of the cdnjs repo being too large and causing issues again?

I can’t see anything obvious but I know your rep is enormous so it pushed a lot of our processes to the edge … I will ask someone to take a look