Ensuring 3rd party library is fetched using HTTP2 protocol

Hi there,

The website I work on requests various resources from cdnjs.com, such as jQuery. Other scripts are hosted ourselves. Our web servers use HTTP2, so our resources are reported in Chrome’s Network tab as being fetched using the H2 protocol.

However, anything from cdnjs.com is being fetched using HTTP1.1. I know your provider Cloudflare supports HTTP2, and had thought so does cdnjs. Is this really the case? If so, what changes need to be done at our end to ensure we can fetch these scripts using the new protocol?

This seems like a silly question, but finding how to do it, is vexing me, maybe I am using the wrong search terms. In any case, any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @sassquad
I did a quick test, open the jquery cdn url directly in browser, and it is using the HTTP2 protocol correctly.

Is you website public? Is it possible for me to do a quick check.

Thanks @Glennmen for responding.

The URL in question is https://www.berkeleygroup.co.uk/

In my browser they all seem to be fetched correctly using HTTP2

Thanks @Glennmen - fascinating. Both my Chrome and Firefox browser is not fetching it as h2, but http1.1.

edit - I have just checked the site using an iMac running Chrome, on a corporate guest wifi, this is fetching using the h2 protocol.

I’ve used https://clienttest.ssllabs.com:8443/ssltest/viewMyClient.html on both my work PC and the guest wifi iMac. The corporate wifi/firewall is setup in such a way for the client test to not determine what secure protocols are being used to make requests, which I guess cdnjs then interprets as ‘process as http1.1’ instead. The guest wifi iMac has no such issue.

Thanks for your assistance in helping me figure this out. Much appreciated!