Excel-builder complied pack is having multiple definition for setPageOrientation

Hello Team,

I’m using excel builder for the 2.0.3 in a angular JS application, and referencing “excel-builder.compiled.js” for the export to excel functionality.

Problem is, when above file is used, it throwing an error saying multiple definitions are not allowed in strict mode. I digged in and verified, unfortunately we have multiple definition for “setPageOrientation” method. Please find the below link to verify.

And also throwing other issues like, “delete define;” not allowed in strict mode.

Please help me in resolving this issue.

Shivaraj Hiremath

Hi @greatshivu :wave:

This is not a problem with cdnjs but with the library itself, you should contact the library owner.
I did some searching and found that there already is a PR with the fix for this issue: https://github.com/stephenliberty/excel-builder.js/pull/98

But it seems that the library isn’t maintained anymore.

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Thank you… :slight_smile: