Feeds for packages

Would it make sense to have feeds (rss or atom) available for individual packages? Right now I subscribe to github commit history atom feeds of package folders. But, github fails quite often (possibly because of the size of the repo). And, I noticed that commits to github doesn’t make the package immediately available on the cdn.

So, it would be nice if a feed is available from cdnjs. A few suggestions below.
sub-domain style - feed.cdnjs.com/libraries/*
github style - cdnjs.com/libraries/*.atom

wordpress style - cdnjs.com/libraries/*/feed.xml

Currently, you can get a “feed” of assets via the API https://api.cdnjs.com/libraries/jquery
You are more than welcome to add actual feeds to libraries through our website repo: https://github.com/cdnjs/new-website
If you don’t wish to contribute the change yourself, I recommend you create an issue there so that someone else could consider working on this in the future!