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I was wondering is Peter the only person that can merge PR’s?

Currently PR’s reviewing and approval is very slow for cdnjs, not saying that Peter is doing a bad job. I understand that time is a major issue. Shouldn’t cdnjs look into increasing their team or reviewing their merge process.

For example @MattIPv4 can’t you approve and merge PR’s? You seem to be a solid team member.

Just to be clear I am not applying for a maintainer position :joy:I currently am also having time issues with other projects.

Hey @Glennmen, I absolutely agree with this and it is something that I have raised internally before.

We are slowly looking into how we can better the whole process of adding new libraries to the service, augmenting it away from the huge repository to make it easier for users wanting to contribute but also our own team for reviewing and merging.

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I might as well also ask, have you had any ideas yourself on what could be improved with the PR process?


@MattIPv4 Tough topic of course.

First I personally was only talking about cdnjs/new-website, for future development. cdnjs/cdnjs is a whole other topic but I read somewhere that some kind of automated submission is being worked on already.

For cdnjs/new-website in my opinion PR’s could get merged a lot faster, especially if it only includes website changes and not API changes that other tools/people might rely on.

Lately I have been active in the Github project and if it only contains small changes or UI changes they give the code a general review from what I experienced, so they don’t pull it and give it a test. Of course on bigger changes they do.
They trust that if something is wrong it will be reported and fixed very soon. They are targeting developers (same as cdnjs) and mostly devs very quickly make Github issues.

Of course they have lots of tests that hopefully catch most errors, but not frontend HTML/CSS errors.

I just don’t want to contribute to cdnjs currently if I know that my PR will take 7 months to get merged.

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Ah okay, I was thinking more about cdnjs/cdnjs.

With regards to cdnjs/new-website, I don’t merge my own PRs as they should always be reviewed by someone else, which in this case is Peter. I do try to wok on reviewing other PRs for the site, as that is very much my thing (I’m originally a web dev/designer). I however, do not have permission on any repo to merge PRs, only Peter (and Ryan/Thomas) do.

I will always encourage people to contribute to cdnjs, but I understand your hesitation due to the huge delays in merging anything.

I understand that you won’t merge your own PR’s, always good to have second pair of :eyes: look at the code.
But for PR’s made by other people it would already be a good step to for example give you merge permission as you seem to be more available at this time than the current repo maintainers.

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Yeah, I’ve raised this internally, suggested that I be given the ability to merge but for us to also look at bringing on further maintainers that have the ability to review and merge PRs not only on the website repo but also on the main repo as this has a huge backlog that only Peter works through currently :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback!