How can I use cdnjs on my site?

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Actually, i am new to web development learnings. I used to do seo and able to do some onpage related changes in html websites. Mostly, I used to download free responsive bootstrap template and editing as per client needs and than offpage related word was started.

Since 2018, Google has become website designer, cloud computing and it’s other web development utilities have become necessary to use. So either we have to buy its own offering technologies or buy third party tools / softwares associated with Google. Accordingly, it is important to learn all these things before doing offpage seo. You can say that, onpage is the first initially required steps for doing seo and above mentioned things are the part of onpage seo.

Now, I would like to tell you that. Bootstrap core CSS, js files are being used via (cdn) content delivery network, likewise:

Rather the using installed file path, we can use it server less via cdn, that helps the webpage loading and rendering fastly on mobile devices. So I am very much confused that, can I used the cdn in the

I have seen many websites using cdn from BootstrapCDN, cdnjs, cdncloudflare, stackpathcdn. Maxcdn, cdn.ajax etc.

I wanted to know which are files, that can be used cdn urls inplace of my my current files.

I have already purchased clouldflare add-on package from my webhosting provider cpanel (hostinger).

Kindly help me, you can also email me at mail@prettyescortsinvangalore dot com

There are 2 things that you can do.

  1. Selfhost the files and make them available together with your webapp. If you are using Cloudflare they will be cached by their edge nodes and delivered to your visitors from the nearest edge node (

  2. Using a CDN that hosts the static files (like CDNJS), you can search the library that you want for example jQuery ( and copy the url to the file.

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