How new npm/github versions hosted?

hello, yesterday I created 2 new releases on github/npm but cdnjs is still not showing them. Is there something I need to manually do or is it automatic after some delay ?

only shows v0.4.0 while released 0.5.0 and 0.5.1 (as npm images and github releases).

Note: the target URL has changed name (but redirects) in case that matters to

autoupdate: {

  • type: “git”,
  • target: “git://”

thank you.

@MattIPv4 could you provide more info about the cdnjs update process. I know that there is an update bot but not sure how that it works or when it is triggered.

The auto-update bot is a bit of a beast, not even sure if the git version of itself is running anymore.

It will pull in new versions if the file/folder structure is identical to the previous version, with file content being changed only. If the file/folder structure has changed, the version will need to be manually added to the CDN via PR currently.

However, Cloudflare are in the process of taking over running cdnjs/cdnjs and hopefully we can look at reworking the whole auto-update system so it’s far more usable.

thanks for the reply.
we ended up switching to as they show the NPM images right away apparently.