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:grey_question: What is cdnjs?
cdnjs is a web CDN service that hosts many many web libraries allowing you to serve library files faster on your websites, making your page load times lower.
Find out more on the website:

:package: GitHub
cdnjs is open source and on GitHub!

:busts_in_silhouette: The GitHub organisation:
:desktop: The code behind the current website:
:book: Community web development tutorials:
:package: The main cdnjs repository:

:book: Community

:book: cdnjs Forum
This is the cdnjs forum, a place for more thread-based discussion of longer topics but open to anything.
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:closed_book: cdnjs Subreddit
We also have a subreddit, doesn’t really have a purpose but it is there should you want to use it.
Find it over at

:link: Sponsors
cdnjs is sponsored by a few organisations.

OSS Planet:

:arrow_right: Find out more about the sponsors and what they do on the cdnjs About page:

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