Libraries are not available from a specific IP address

Help. On our site there is a PHP file that contains the following strings

<?php $APPLICATION->SetAdditionalCSS(''); $APPLICATION->AddHeadScript(''); The server is located in Russia . IP addresses and It seems to me that they are in the ban list. In other words, these uikit.min libraries do not open from our ip.js and uikit.min.css

Could you describe how you know that you are in the ban list?

We have a server with IP and that has a website. This site worked with libraries and we recently reconfigured the server, now it does not work on Https and after that these libraries are not available from our ip. Help me figure it out. Most likely our ip addresses were banned

It’s liked that your host have some issue with https instead of uikit. You might need take a look at this site, these tricks might help you.