May 2019 cdnjs Usage Report

Hello once again!
The May 2019 usage report for is now available! :tada:

View the full report now at

Key Highlights

  • This month (May 2019), cdnjs served over 175 billion requests. :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • During May, we used over 2.9 petabytes of bandwidth to serve these requests. :outbox_tray:
  • That is over 94 terabytes of data and 5.6 billion requests each day. :exploding_head:
  • This month, cdnjs consumed only 17 KB of data on average per request. :mag:

Library Highlights

  • jQuery (3.3.1) was once again the top library this month, however, the total number of requests was only 4.8 billion this month, down from 6 billion in April.
  • FontAwesome (4.7.0) was, also once again, the next most popular resource this month with 7.5 billion combined requests for the library, up from 6.6 billion last month.
  • The jQuery Mouse Wheel plugin (3.1.13) takes third place this month, with 3.4 billion requests for the single file.

View the full report now at