Phaser version on cdnjs

Hi all,

A search for Phaser results in Phaser CE and … Phaser 4. On Discord it was confirmed 4 is not ready yet (the result indeed points to 4.0.0-alpha). The current version to use is Phaser 3.23.

Not sure what the reason is for having Phaser 4 up there, but I don’t think that is the best choice at the moment as it is still under development.

(thing also is, I just pointed about 300 students to to get the current Phaser 3 version… :worried:)

Kind regards,

Hi there @manno-xx,

We do have Phaser three available:
You just go to the Phaser library page and use the version drop-down to choose the version you want to use.

We have every version available that is released on NPM for this library, so as they’ve released a 4.0.0 alpha version, we also have it available for use.

We’re currently working on a new website for cdnjs, so I’ll look at adding logic to show the latest non-alpha/beta version as the recommended version to use.

Hope that helps!
- Matt.