Support for @latest URLs

CDNJS does not allow for the creation of a permanent url to the latest version.

This tool, for example, provides a url to the latest version of a library:

We have a section in our main README that addresses why we don’t support latest URLs. Long story short, they’re rather dangerous to use and you can’t use SRI with them.

Note that we don’t support the feature to use latest in the URL because of the reasons below:

  1. Your website might break if there are any compatibility issues or bugs coming from upstream. It’s not a good idea to use it in the production environment. Both jQuery CDN and Google CDN don’t provide this feature.
  2. The latest URL feature also has cache and performance issues. This conflicts with what we are trying to do - make your website load as fast as possible.
  3. Security issues have become more and more important nowadays. For example, Great Cannon attacked GitHub via malicious JavaScript (ref1, ref2) during April 2015. One of the techniques to prevent this kind of attack is Subresource Integrity (SRI). We have been supporting this feature for a long time. The latest URL feature, however, totally conflicts with the SRI technique.