Welcome to the community! Say hi!


Welcome to the cdnjs community :tada:
We encourage everyone here to stay active in the community and a great way to start that is by introducing yourself here!

Tell us a little about who you are, what you do and where you are using cdnjs :slight_smile:



I have been using cdnjs for a while on a multitude of websites. This upcoming summer, however, I have plans to develop multiple services and will be using cdnjs for most of them.

Fun to be the first user!


Welcome @mathhulk!

Lovely to have you here!
I’d love to hear more about the projects you are using cdnjs on already and also look forward to seeing what you do over the summer with cdnjs :slight_smile:

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Hey there @Richienb @Veda @sharmasumi88 @tthefreedom0,

Welcome to the cdnjs community site! I’d love to hear more about who you are and what you do, as well as what the latest projects you’re working on are that use cdnjs :smiley:


Hi, I’m a self-coordinated programmer from New Zealand. I mainly use cdnjs as a CDN for JQuery, normalize.css, html5shiv, and Material Components for the Web. My latest project is ROS Data Waster which ironically managed to gain popularity on Reddit.

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Looks like a fun project :joy: Any reason you don’t make use of SRI when loading cdnjs resources?


I hadn’t actually thought of doing that yet. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hi :wave:I don’t really use CDNJS that much (or a CDN in general) because I am mainly an Android developer but if I do of course I use CDNJS, big fan of the project!

I also like contributing to open source projects, for example I added the SRI copy to search results on CDNJS: https://github.com/cdnjs/new-website/pull/251
I hope to be able to keep adding small improvements to the project in the future.

Also I try to be an active blogger on DEV.to , feel free to check them out or follow me: https://dev.to/glennmen

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Thank you so much for this, such a useful addition to the site.

Feel free to, check out the issues open on the new-website repo and get started on fixes for any that haven’t already got open PRs :slight_smile:

Lovely to see you here!

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